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Medicare Consulting – What Will It Cost Me?
Most of my consulting is at no cost to you.  If you are enrolling in Medicare I may be able to provide you with an insurance plan and if it’s one of the companies I represent I will be paid a commission. If you want assistance with researching Medicare coverage or resolving billing issues, I’ll charge an hourly fee.

Free Telephone Consultation
There are no fees charged until we have a plan of what we can do.  We’ll talk on the phone first to determine what you need and if I can help you.  Then we’ll make a plan.   So, feel free to give me a call to ask your question.  If I can’t help you, I will know where to refer you. 

New-to-Medicare Counseling
This is for someone who is becoming Medicare eligible due to age or because of leaving employment and wants to ensure the best coverage for their needs. I will provide you with a personalized explanation of how Medicare works and the options you have and help you compare Medicare to any other coverage (employee, retiree) for which you are eligible. We’ll work together to figure out if you would be better off with Medicare coverage or other coverage. We’ll come up with a plan and action list. We will meet face-to-face to start and then follow up by phone and email.  Depending upon your situation, this will take around 3 hours.

Medicare Annual Check Up
The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is October 15 through December 7, with coverage to start on January 1st. We’ll review your prescription drug coverage to make sure that you have the best coverage for your prescriptions at the lowest annual costs. Prescription drug plans change every year and if you don’t shop and compare you could be paying hundreds, even thousands, of dollars more than you need to. We’ll work mostly by phone and email.

Group Presentations available upon request.
Would you like to have a group presentation on Medicare for your office, your family and friends, a neighborhood gathering, church group, or some other organization?  I have many years of experience with public presentations and enjoy giving group presentations to educate people on Medicare.  Let’s make a plan that works for your group! Please contact me today to schedule a time!

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Why Medicare Planning? 

To help you spend your money wisely & have coverage that meets your needs.

If you don’t investigate your options you may make a choice that turns out not to work for you.  And perhaps harms you financially.  Or limits your health care choices. There are timeframes where you can choose any coverage, without health underwriting.  There are limitations of when you can choose or change coverage. My goal is to help you limit your out-of-pocket obligation and pick options that suit your lifestyle, your wishes and your needs.

The important thing is to learn your options and figure out what makes the best sense for you.

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Medicare Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

This is a list of most asked questions. We will attempt to answer all of these questions on our web site or blog. If you have a specific question, please contact us and we will be glad to answer it. We usually don't charge for answering questions! 

What is Medicare?
What is Medicare Part A?
What is the Premium for Part A?
Who should not enroll in Part A?
What is Medicare Part B?
Should I enroll in Medicare Part B?
When should I enroll in Medicare Part B?
What is the premium for Part B?
What is Medicare Part C?
What is Medicare Part D prescription drug?
Are there any zero premium Medicare Plans?
Am I required to enroll in Part D?
How much does Part D cost?
When can I enroll in Medicare?
What is Medicare Open Enrollment?
What does Medicare cover?
What is not covered by Medicare?
What is Original Medicare?
Who is eligible to enroll in Medicare?
long term care covered by Medicare?
Is dental covered by Medicare?
Is acupuncture covered by Medicare?
Is cosmetic surgery covered by Medicare?
Are hearing aids covered by Medicare?
What is initial enrollment period?
What is general enrollment period?
What is special enrollment period?
What is the late enrollment penalty for Part A?
What is the late enrollment penalty for Part B?
What is the late enrollment penalty for Part D?
What is HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations)?
What is PPO (preferred Provider Organization)?
What is PFFS (private fee for service plans)?
What is Special Needs Plans (SNP)?
What is HMO Point of Service plans (HMOPOS)?
is Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans?
When can I join a Medicare plan?
When can I switch Medicare plans?
When can I drop a Medicare plan?
What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?
What is Medigap?
What does Medigap cover?
When can I buy a Medicare Supplement Plan?
Is Medicare provided by Covered California?
What is the difference between Medicare and Medi-Cal?
Is Medicare free?
What is Share of Cost?
What is the “coverage gap”?
What is “catastrophic coverage”?
Which prescription drugs are covered by Part D?
What is the Coordinated Care Initiative?
What does “dual eligibility” mean?
If I am enrolled in 
employer-sponsored health insurance do I have to enroll in Medicare?
Who pays out of pocket costs?
What is the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plan?
Are prescription drugs covered by Medicare Supplement plans?
Can I buy a Medicare Advantage and a Supplement plan at the same time?
How much does a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan cost?
How much Medicare supplement insurance coverage do I need?
How can I find a Medicare Part D plan?
How can I find a Medicare Supplement Plan?
How can I find a Medicare Advantage Plan?
How to enroll in Medicare?
When is a good time to enroll in a standardized Medicare supplement insurance plan?
Can I qualify for Medicare if I am younger than 65 years old?
Can I have employer sponsored insurance and  Medicare at the same time?
What is
Medi Medi?
How many programs does Medicare have?
How many parts Medicare has?
How can I get help 
paying for medical cost?
Am I automatically enrolled in Part A and Part B?
Does Medicare cover international emergencies?
What is a “Medicare Summary Notice”?
What does “assignment” mean?
What is the Medicare Part D “donut hole”?
How can I get extra help to pay my medication?
How do I get a Medicare Card?
Can I enroll in Medigap if I don’t have Medicare?
What is a “Guarantee Issue Period”?
What is Final Expense?
Is Obama-Care like Medicare?
How to find and compare Medicare Part D prescription drug plans?