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Why Medicare Planning

To help you spend your money wisely & have coverage that meets your needs.
If you don’t investigate your options you may make a choice that turns out not to work for you...



Medicare is the federal health insurance program designed to help pay for health and prescription drug coverage. The information on this web page will help you understand Medicare and benefits. 

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

As you approach retirement age, the ever-rising cost of health care, makes understanding Medicare, its gaps in coverage and limitations, a very important consideration.  Since 1965 Medicare has provided millions of American senior citizens with vital health care services.  As good as Medicare is, it may not pay all the cost of being sick.  Consequently, what Medicare does not pay becomes your personal financial responsibility. Choose the Medicare Supplement plan that best meets your needs and your budget. The attachment lists four of the industry standardized Medicare Supplement plans and the benefits available under each plan. Additional plans may be available.

Who is eligible for Medicare?  

What Medigap (Medicare Supplement Plans) cover? 

When can You buy a Medigap (Medicare Supplement Plan)? 

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